Artist, Social Designer. 

She is been brought-up in a diverse culture and social background which has influenced her interests in various topics and multi-disciplinary practices. She is skilful in project visualisations and multi-medium based art creations, such as photography, documentary films and graphic design.

Graduated from the University of Applied Arts Vienna, Aki received her master degree of Social Design in 2018. During the past years, she has initiated and curated projects dealing with urban regeneration, social engagement and knowledge transformation: Game of Collective Suffering (Times Museum Guangzhou 2020), Jiezhuan Lane Lab.(Guangzhou, 2019), Nanshan Art Festival-Design Weekend at Value Factory (Shenzhen, 2019), Unlayering Centers-Platz Für Originale (Floridsdorf, Vienna 2018), You Xin - Secondhand Book Storm (Shenzhen, 2018), Meine Favoriten, Deine Favoriten (Vienna, 2017) and so on. Among this, she believes that alternative modes of learning can be triggered by open access during public actions and encountering, therefore, facilitate a space, engaged with Socius and knowledge.


University of Applied Arts Vienna
MA. Social Design

South China Agriculture University
BA. Fashion Design

[Projects, Researches]

[Workshops & Cultural Activities]

  • 2020 'Salon, Public Sphere and Rococo', Meissen Salon Talks (Shenzhen), CN
  • 2019 ‘Being a Cementer’-Banyan Commune, Times Museum Guangzhou, CN
  • 2019  'Collective Suffering and the Rolling Octopus', alumni talk, Social Design Studio, AT
  • 2018  ‘Stadt-Praxis Knotenpunkt Nachbarschaft’ Ur(9)anize Festival, AT
  • 2018  ‘Unlayering Centers -Platz für Originale’, DRG  21er Wien, AT
  • 2017 ‘You Xin - Secondhand Book Storm workshop’, Shenzhen MinDe High school
  • 2017 ‘Open Your Space - Siping Festival’, Yangpu High school and Tongji University
  • 2017 ‘China A1-B2’, workshop series Social Design Dept. Wien, AT
  • 2017 ‘Lost and Fond - Nordbahnhof Freimitte’, Social Design Dept., AT
  • 2017  Ur(8)anize Festival: ‘DemocraCity-opening performance’, AzW, AT
  • 2017  ‘Meine Favoriten, Deine Favoriten - neighbourhood brunch’, Brot Fabrik Wien
  • 2017  ‘Skills and Sharing’ hunting free food in Vienna, AT
  • 2016  ‘Urban Knautschzone, horsing around workshop’, 2nd District Vienna, AT
  • 2016   ‘Hustle and Bustle - Endless Tour in Vienna’, Vienna, AT
  • 2016   Urbani(7)e Festival:  Stadt der Vielen - opening performance, Ottakring, AT
  • 2014  ‘Uneven Growth: Tactical Urbanism for Expanding Megacities’, MAK Wien, AT
  • 2013  ‘UABB 2013-2014’, Value Factory Academy workshop series, Shenzhen, CN

[Publications, Academics]

  • 2020 'Critical Spatial Practice in China' co-curated conference, Social Design Dpt., University of Applied Arts Vienna, AT
  • 2018 Published Article: Socially-engaged Public Art in Urban Redevelopments, PublicArt Magazine issue 54, CN
  • 2017 ‘International Public Art Study Workshop – Dashilar’, launched by Public ArtCooperation Centre (PACC) of Shanghai University Academy of Fine Arts and Public ArtMagazine. Beijing and Shanghai, CN 
  • 2014 ‘Uneven Growth: Tactical Urbanism for Expanding Megacities’ MoMA PS1, USA 

[Solo Exhibition] 

  •  ‘Apps- AKI LEE Solo Exhibition'; S.I.T  Shenzhen 2014, Guangzhou 2013, CN

[Selected Group Exhibition]

  • 2020 'Study of Things', Game of Collective Suffering, Times Museum, CN
  • 2018 ‘FOCUS 2018’, Social Design, die Angwandte Kunst Wien, AT
  • 2017 ‘No Hope No Fear - Meine Favoriten, Deine Favoriten’, Kunst Haus Wien, AT
  • 2017 ‘Essence 2017’, Social Design, die Angwandte Kunst Wien, AT
  • 2015 ‘Uneven Growth: Tactical Urbanism for Expanding Megacities’, NY MoMA PS1        


[Event and Learning Manager] 

Design Society/Shekou Shenzhen CN/ 2019-2020

The V&A Gallery at Design Society is a collaboration betwwen Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) and China Merchants Shekou Holdings, in which the public education component of the gallery is curated in line with the V&A's commitment. The educational learning programs of the Design Society is advocated the concept of “Design With Society”, which means design should be responsive and innovate. 

Involved exhibition and projects: Linz Ars Electronica (Shenzhen 2019), 'Nanshan Art Festival-Design Weekend at Value Factory' etc..

[Architecture Media and Research] 

O-office Architects / Guangzhou CN/ 2014 - 2016

Media communication and urban research. Involved projects: 2013-2016 Shenzhen iD-Town (Z-gallery, MJH Gallery, Youth Hostel), 2015 DFA Awards; 2014, 2016 UABB etc..

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